Shinescape International (HK) Limited - Newly formed company in


2012 by Mr. Qin with experience designers from HK, Thailand and


Philippines.As the Project Director of


Shinescape International (HK) Limited, Mr. Lim and Mr. Qin leads


a team of architects,landscape architects,and project manager in


the day-to day operations of the company’s project in Hong Kong,


China and Singapore. Mr. Lim has worked in Asia and the


Asia-Pacific region for 30 years ,Mr. Qin has worked in Hongkong


and Inland region for 12 years and they have extensive international


design and project managment experience ,on a diverse range of


Master Planning,Architectural,Landscape Design and Project


Management with Developers projects. They have worked on many


prominent and luxurious hotels,resorts,theme environment,residential,


commercial and recreational developments.